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Sears - Craftsman Models that work with the 61LM Series Remotes
-Click here for the remotes/keypad that will work with these operators - Dip Switch Series-
139.53100 139.53110 139.53200 139.53210 139.53300
139.53310 139.53315 139.533155R 139.53400 139.53403
139.53413 139.53415SR 139.53500 139.53513 139.53515SR
139.53600 139.536006 139.53601 139.53602 139.53603
139.536036 139.53604 139.53605 139.53606 139.53607
139.53608 139.53609 139.53610 139.53611 139.53612
139.53613 139.53614SR 139.536141SR 139.53615SR 139.536151SR
139.53618SR 139.53619SR 139.53622 139.53625SR 139.53632
139.53632SR 139.53639 139.53639SR 139.53651 139.53651SR
Sears - Craftsman Models that work with the 81LM Series Remotes
-Click here for the remotes/keypad that will work with these operators - Billion Code Series-
139.53225SR 139.53225SRT 139.53325 139.53325SRT 139.5335SRT1
139.53425 139.53425SRT 139.53479 139.53491 139.53525
139.53525SRT 139.53535SRT1 139.536181SR 139.536191SR 139.536251SR
139.53626 139.536261 139.536261SR 139.53627 139.53627SRT
139.536271SR 139.53628 139.53628SRT 139.53629 139.53629SRT
139.53635 139.53635SRT 139.53636 139.53636SRT 139.53637
139.53637SRT 139.53638SRT 139.53640 139.53640SRT 139.53641
139.53641SRT 139.53644SRT 139.53645 139.53645SRT1 139.53645SRT3
139.53646 139.53646SRT1 139.53646SRT2 139.53648 139.53648SRT1
139.53648SRT2 139.53650 139.53650SRT 139.53660 139.53660SRT
139.53660SRT1 139.53669 139.53669SRT 139.53678 139.53678SRT
139.53755 139.53779 139.53800 139.53800SRT 139.53824
139.53824SRT 139.53834 139.53834SRT1 139.53834SRT3 139.53855
139.53915SRT 139.53927SRT 139.53960SRT 139.5397 139.53970SRT
139.53971 139.53971SRT 139.53973 139.53973SRT  
Sears - Craftsman Models that work with the 371LM Series Remotes
-Click here for the remotes/keypad that will work with these operators - Security+ 315 Series-
139.53910D 139.53914D 139.53920D 139.53930D 139.53985D
139.53990D 139.53992D 139.53993D 139.53997D 139.5314D
Sears - Craftsman Models that work with the 971LM Series Remotes
-Click here for the remotes/keypad that will work with these operators - Security+ 390 Series-
139.53661 139.5366SRT 139.53661SRT3 139.53662 139.53662SRT
139.53662SRT2 139.53663 139.53663SRT 139.53663SRT2 139.53664
139.53664SRT 139.53664SRT1 139.63664SRT2 139.53670 139.53670SRT1
139.53671 139.53671SRT 139.53671SRT3 139.53672 139.53672SRT
139.53672SRT2 139.53672SRT3 139.53673 139.53673SRT 139.53673SRT3
139.53674 139.53674SRT1 139.53674SRT2 139.53675 139.53675SRT1
139.53675SRT2 139.53677 139.53677SRT 139.53677SRT3 139.53910
139.53914 139.53961 139.53961SRT 139.53962 139.53962SRT
139.53962SRT1 139.53963 139.53963SRT 139.53964 139.53964SRT
139.53966 139.53966SRT 139.53966SRT1 139.53974 139.53974SRT
139.53975 139.53975SRT 139.53975SRT1 139.53976 139.53976SRT
139.53977SRT 139.53978 139.53978SRT 139.53978SRT1 139.53982SRT
139.53985 139.53990 139.53990SRT 139.53991 139.53991SRT
139.53992 139.53995 139.53995SRT    
Sears Craftsman Control Board Compatibility Chart
Click on LiftMaster control board number to go to that page.
Model Craftsman Board LiftMaster Board
139.53100 41D2742 No Longer Available
139.53110 41A3066 No Longer Available
139.53200 41D2742 No Longer Available
139.53210 41A3066 No Longer Available
139.53225 41A4315-7 41A4252-7
139.53225SR 41A4315-7 41A4252-7
139.53225SRT 41A4315-7 41A4252-7
139.5330 41D2742 No Longer Available
139.53310 41A3066 No Longer Available
139.53315 41A3625 No Longer Available
139.53315SR 41A3625 No Longer Available
139.53325 41A4315-7 41A4252-7
139.53325SRT 41A4315-7 41A4252-7
139.53335SRT1 41A4315-7 41A4252-7
139.53400 41D2737 No Longer Available
139.53403 41A3066 No Longer Available
139.53413 41A3066 No Longer Available
139.53415SR 41A3625 No Longer Available
139.53425 41A4315-7 41A4252-7
139.53425SRT 41A4315-7 41A4252-7
139.53479 41D4674-3 41D4674-1
139.53491 41D4374-9 41D4674-1
139.53500 41D2737 No Longer Available
139.53513 41A3063 No Longer Available
139.53515SR 41A3624 No Longer Available
139.53525 41A4315-6 41A4252-6
139.53525SRT 41A4315-6 41A4252-6
139.53535SRT 41A4315-6 41A4252-6
139.53600 41D2835 No Longer Available
139.536006 41D2835 No Longer Available
139.53601 41D2835 No Longer Available
139.53602 41D2742 No Longer Available
139.53603 41D2835 No Longer Available
139.536036 41D2835 No Longer Available
139.53604 41D2835 No Longer Available
139.53605 41A3066 No Longer Available
139.53606 41A3066 No Longer Available
139.53607 41A3090 No Longer Available
139.53608 41A3090 No Longer Available
139.53609 41A3090 No Longer Available
139.53610 41A3066 No Longer Available
139.53611 41A3063 No Longer Available
139.53612 41A3066 No Longer Available
139.53613 41A3063 No Longer Available
139.53614SR 41A3625 No Longer Available
139.536141SR 41A4207-1 No Longer Available
139.53615SR 41A3625 No Longer Available
139.536151SR 41A4207-1 No Longer Available
139.53618SR 41A3625 No Longer Available
139.536181SR 41A4207-1 No Longer Available
139.53619SR 41A3625 No Longer Available
139.536191SR 41A4207-1 No Longer Available
139.53622 41A3066 No Longer Available
139.53625SR 41A3625 No Longer Available
139.536251SR 41A4207-1 No Longer Available
139.53626 41A4207 No Longer Available
139.536261 41A4207 No Longer Available
139.536261SR 41A4207 No Longer Available
139.53627 41A4315-6 41A4252-6
139.53627SRT 41A4315-6 41A4252-6
139.536271SR 41A4315-6 41A4252-6
139.53628 41A4315-7 41A4252-7
139.53628SRT 41A4315-7 41A4252-7
139.53629 41A4315-7 41A4252-7
139.53629SRT 41A4315-7 41A4252-7
139.53632 41A3625 No Longer Available
139.53632SR 41A3625 No Longer Available
139.53635 41A4315-7 41A4252-7
139.53635SRT 41A4315-7 41A4252-7
139.53636 41A4315-6 41A4252-6
139.53636SRT 41A4315-6 41A4252-6
139.53637 41A4315-7 41A4252-7
139.53637SRT 41A4315-7 41A4252-7
139.53638SRT 41A4315-5 41A4252-7
139.53639 41A3625 No Longer Available
139.53639SR 41A3625 No Longer Available
139.53640 41A4315-6 41A4252-6
139.53640SRT 41A4315-6 41A4252-6
139.53641 41A4315-6 41A4252-6
139.53641SRT 41A4315-6 41A4252-6
139.53644SRT 41A4315-6 41A4252-6
139.53645 41A4315-7 41A4252-7
139.53645SRT1 41A4315-7 41A4252-7
139.53645SRT3 41A4315-7 41A4252-7
139.53646 41A4315-7 41A4252-7
139.53646SRT1 41A4315-7 41A4252-7
139.53646SRT2 41A4315-7 41A4252-7
139.53648 41A4315-7 41A4252-7
139.53648SRT1 41A4315-7 41A4252-7
139.53648SRT2 41A4315-7 41A4252-7
139.53650 41A4315-7 41A4252-7
139.53650SRT 41A4315-7 41A4252-7
139.53651 41A3625 No Longer Available
139.53651SR 41A3625 No Longer Available
139.53660 41A4315-7 41A4252-7
139.53660SRT 41A4315-7 41A4252-7
139.53660SRT1 41A4315-7 41A4252-7
139.53661 41A5021-3 41A5021-1
139.53661SRT 41A5021-3 41A5021-1
139.53661SRT3 41A5021-3 41A5021-1
139.53662 41A5021-2 41A5021
139.53662SRT 41A5021-2 41A5021
139.53662SRT2 41A5021-2 41A5021
139.53663 41D4674-11 41D4674-10
139.53663SRT 41D4674-11 41D4674-10
139.53663SRT2 41D4674 41D4674-10
139.53664 41A5021-2 41A5021
139.53664SRT 41A4315-6 41A4252-6
139.53664SRT1 41A5021-2 41A5021
139.53664SRT2 41A5021-2 41A5021
139.53669 41A4252-12 41A4252-7
139.53669SRT 41A4252-12 41A4252-7
139.53670 41A5021-2 41A5021
139.53670SRT1 41A5021-2 41A5021
139.53671 41A5021-3 41A5021-1
139.53671SRT 41A5021-3 41A5021-1
139.53671SRT3 41A5021-3 41A5021-1
139.53672 41A5021-3 41A5021-1
139.53672SRT 41A5021-3 41A5021-1
139.53672SRT2 41A5021-3 41A5021-1
139.53672SRT3 41A5021-3 41A5021-1
139.53673 41A5021-3 41A5021-1
139.53673SRT 41A5021-3 41A5021-1
139.53673SRT3 41A5021-3 41A5021-1
139.53674 41A5021-3 41A5021-1
139.53674SRT1 41A5021-3 41A5021-1
139.53674SRT2 41A5021-3 41A5021-1
139.53675 41A5021-2 41A5021
139.53675SRT1   41A5021
139.53675SRT2 41A5021-2 41A5021
139.53677 41A5021-3 41A5021-1
139.53677SRT 41A5021-3 41A5021-1
139.53677SRT3 41A5021-3 41A5021-1
139.53678 41A4315-6 41A4252-6
139.53678SRT 41A4315-6 41A4252-6
139.53699SR 41A3625 No Longer Available
139.53779 41A4315-6 41A4252-6
139.53800 41A4315-6 41A4252-6
139.53800SRT 41A4315-6 41A4252-6
139.53824 41A4315-7 41A4252-7
139.53824SRT 41A4315-7 41A4252-7
139.53834 41A4315-7 41A4252-7
139.53834SRT1 41A4315-7 41A4252-7
139.53834SRT3 41A4315-7 41A4252-7
139.53859 41A5021-3 41A4252-6 (2 LIGHTS)
41A4252-7 (1 LIGHT)
139.53910 41A5021-3 41A5021-1
139.53914 41A5483-5 41A5483
139.53915SRT 41A4252-6 41A4252-6
139.53927 41A5389 41A5389-1
139.53927SRT 41A4252-6 41A4252-6
139.53954 41A5021-5 41A5021
139.53960SRT 41A4315-7 41A4252-7
139.53961 41A5021-3 41A5021-1
139.53961SRT 41A5021-3 41A5021-1
139.53962 41A5021-2 41A5021
139.53962SRT 41A5021-2 41A5021
139.53962SRT1 41A5021-2 41A5021
139.53963 41D4674-11 41D4674-10
139.53963SRT 41D4674-11 41D4674-10
139.53964 41A5021-4 41A5021
139.53964SRT 41A5021-4 41A5021
139.53966 41A5021-2 41A5021
139.53966SRT 41A5021-2 41A5021
139.53966SRT1 41A5021-2 41A5021
139.5397 41A4315-7 41A4252-7
139.53970SRT 41A4315-7 41A4252-7
139.53971 41A4315-7 41A4252-7
139.53971SRT 41A4315-7 41A4252-7
139.53973 41A4315-7 41A4252-7
139.53973SRT 41A4315-7 41A4252-7
139.53974 41A5021-3 41A5021-1
139.53974SRT 41A5021-3 41A5021-1
139.53975 41A5021-2 41A5021
139.53975SRT 41A5021-2 41A5021
139.53975SRT1 41A5021-2 41A5021
139.53976 41A5021-3 41A5021-1
139.53976SRT 41A5021-3 41A5021-1
139.53977SRT 41A5021-3 41A5021-1
139.53978 41A5021-3 41A5021-1
139.53978SRT 41A5021-3 41A5021-1
139.53978SRT1 41A5021-3 41A5021-1
139.53982SRT 41A5483-2 41A5483
139.53985 41A5483-2 41A5483
139.53990 41A5483-14 41A5635
139.53990SRT 41A5483-14 41A5635
139.53991 41A5389 41A5389-1
139.53991SRT   41A5389-1
139.53992 41A5389 41A5389-1
139.53995 41A5483-2 41A5483
139.53995SRT 41A5483-2 41A5483
139.53910D 41A50213H315 41A5021-1M-315
139.53914D 41AB150-2 41AB050-2
139.53920D 41A5021-3H-315 41A5021-1M-315
139.53930D 41AC150-1 41AC050-1
139.53985D 41AC150-2 41AC050-2
139.53990D 41AC175-2 41AC075-2
139.53992D 41AS150-1 41AS050-1
139.53993D 41AS150-R2 41AS050-R2
139.53997D 41AC175-2 41AC075-2
139.5314D 41AB150 41AB050-2